Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

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Report Date: 19th Jan 2018

Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India. Anything, which is hazardous to human, violates the right to life, and road safety is as much on the agenda as any other area, which may be accident-prone.

Road safety does not happen accidentally, but requires deliberate efforts by government and its many partners. Too often, road safety is treated as a transportation issue, not a public health issue, and road traffic injuries are called “accidents”, though most could be prevented. As a result, many countries put far less effort into understanding and preventing road traffic injuries than they do into understanding and preventing diseases that do less harm.

In view of this, Road safety Awareness program in the village Dharmaj, Dist. Anand, and utilize the tools of advocacy and networking to generate awareness on road safety and to bring about policy changes to address some of the burning issues of road safety at Dharmaj Chowkdi. The project involved active participation of students of IIET Dharmaj under guidance of Mr. Dipak Thakor and Mr. Bhavesh Gohil.


As we are well aware about the fact that plastic requires thousands of years to decompose. Researchers are looking for way out to recycle plastic in as many ways as they can. Moreover, honorable prime minister has taken initiative for “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” which includes both clean and improvised lifestyle. Mr. Ritesh kumar ranjan, Vikas rai & team of automobile department of Ipcowala institute of engineering & technology, Dharmaj has served both the purposes. This team has prepared diesel from waste plastic. It is obtained through reverse process of polyethylene. Waste plastic is being collected and braking of polymer to ethylene is carried out. Later diesel is obtaining by vaporization process. Diesel obtained from this method promotes such as cleanliness & purity. This concept can drive the subject of wastage of plastic towards effective utilization.


Vehicle and travelling have become an important factor in today’s life. As travelling have become important and necessary there is a need of economical and reliable mode of travelling. Electric car are economical but aren’t reliable because of batteries getting discharged after travelling few kilometers. Due to this electric car don’t travel for long distance and aren’t reliable. To overcome this problem and betterment of upcoming technologies, we try to bring in the solution to this problem. We provide a solution which can help electric cars to travel for long distance in a single charge. The major advantage of our project is that it is time saving, cost saving and helpful for long distance travelling with respect to electric cars.


How to dispose and reuse of plastic waste is big problem in the world. In civil engineering wide scope available to use the plastic waste. In structure, masonry plays an important role to separate the structure in different parts. In India brick masonry is commonly used in construction but, brick and cement manufacturing process will contribute to high emission of carbon dioxide (co2) which may lead to global warming. Therefore in the project, alternative solution to reduce the environmental problems has been found out by students of IIET, dharmaj under guidance of Mr. Nilesh Prajapati. In this project we had replaced the brick by plastic bottles, and also used in PCC. Use of non- biodegradable plastic bottle will reduce production of the bricks as well as it will solve problem of disposal of plastic bottle.

The main concept of the project was to compare plastic bottle construction with normal construction by various experiments like compression test, flexure test also cost comparison has been carried out.

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