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Physics is the mother of all sciences. The role of physics in engineering education is not static one. It must respond and evolve with the momentous changes in both engineering and physics which are occurring continually. The predominant reliance of early engineering upon art is giving way to a modern technology based squarely upon the physical sciences. Physics is a study of energy, matter, and their interactions


Mathematics is the basic subject of engineering. It caters to all disciplines of engineering. It is essential to understand how mathematics works in order to master the complex relationships present in modern engineering systems and products. Mathematics provides clarity and precision to vague and intuitive ideas

Communication Skills

Appropriate communication skills are a must for a successful professional as well as personal life. Whatever may be one’s field, competence in communication creates path for the victory


In the complex, competitive world of technology driven industry, skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business and law have a tremendous competitive advantage. Therefore every engineering student must study economics and management subject at undergraduate level.

Course Name : APPL SCI